Creamy Leek Risotto

45 min

super easy

4 entree sized portions

I am sooo full of leek puns that it’s a struggle to write this blog post and not to just leek all my puns onto the page. That one was a stretch, but like, whatever. I had to get that off my chest. Ok, now let’s just dive right into this recipe because it’s amazing and you need it now!!!

If you’ve never made risotto before, please do not be scared! I don’t know who first told me risotto was a pain in the ass to make, but whoever did scared me so much that I avoided making it for years. When I finally made risotto for the first time last year, I was shook at how SIMPLE it actually was. So, if you are struggling with risotto fears, please don’t be scared. THIS IS A SAFE SPACE FOR RISOTTO CURIOUS OR RISOTTO FEARFUL PEOPLE.

creamy leek risotto

What’s the worst that could happen if you f%*k it up? How can I fix when rice feels “too firm?”

Something that encourages me to try new recipes and cooking techniques is to understand the “worst possible scenario.” For risotto, the worst possible texture scenario is that you are left with delicious mush. The worst possible flavor scenario is that you over salt or over season (which is highly avoidable if you just taste as you cook!!!!) When I let my followers know that this recipe was coming on my IG story, lots of people confided in me that their issue is that the rice is too firm. I have great news for you if that’s your fear or problem! Under cooked rice is a super easy fix! If this happens to you, just… cook it longer or add more liquid. My liquid to grain ratio should be on point and you won’t have this problem, but if for some reason you do experience too firm of rice, let the rice continue to soak for up to 10 extra minutes at the end of the recipe before plating. This extra time will allow it to residually absorb whatever liquid might not have been soaked in yet. If the rice is still too firm, slowly incorporate small amounts of liquid. With more liquid, you need more seasoning, so also make sure to taste as you cook and figure out if you want more salt as well.

I’ve never cooked with leeks. What are they lol?

Great question! Guess what?! I was also intimidated by leeks until last year, too! And guess what?!??! THEY ARE ALSO EASY TO HANDLE AND COOK WITH! Leeks are from the allium family, which onions are from. They have a mild, soft onion-y essence and in my opinion, are kind of like giant scallions. Unlike scallions, the dark green leaves are too tough to enjoy in sauté form, but can be used for flavoring liquids. My pointers for cooking with leeks would be to 1) slice the dark green leaves off the top and freeze them to use in broths and stocks (they are too firm to eat but they have a lot of flavor) and 2) WASH THEM thoroughly. You will notice the leeks contain a lot of dirt and sand in the layers, so it’s important to let them soak in a bowl of water, then rinse them in a strainer a few times to make sure every piece of dirt is gone. Here’s a guide on how to cut leeks. For this risotto, we are cutting them into half moon shapes. Here’s a guide on how to grow leeks!

creamy leek risotto

What is this “pour it all in” method you’re doing? Will it all turn to mush? 

From what I’ve learned, risotto is all about the right liquid to grain ratio. It’s typically 3 cups of liquid for 1 cup of rice (with classic arborio rice.) You’ll see here that we are using a total of 4 1/2 cups of liquid (wine, stock and cream) and 1 1/2 cups of arborio rice! I have made risotto this way since the beginning and it’s really just changed the game for me. Sometimes the grain can take a longer time to absorb the liquid, so be patient if you think that your rice is too firm. Chances are, it may look fully absorbed, but it’s not! You’ll know it’s done when the texture is fully cooked, while still firm to chew.You don’t want it feeling dry (like dried rice) or like a mush.

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Adjust Servings
1cup dry white wine
3cups chicken stock (can sub vegetable stock)
Kosher salt
Olive oil
1 white onion, finely chopped
2tbsp unsalted butter
4 large leeks, thinly sliced into half moons and washed thoroughly
3large cloves garlic, minced
1 1/2cups arborio rice
1tsp dijon mustard
1/2cup heavy cream
3/4cup grated Parmesan (plus more for topping)
Optional toppings
Chopped fresh parsley
Lemon zest
Bread crumbs
Seared scallops or mushrooms
large pot or stock pot



Pour the chicken stock and white wine into a large stock pot. Bring to a low simmer just to keep warm.

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Heat olive oil in another large pot on medium heat.

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Add the onion and season with a pinch of salt. Let it cook and soften, stirring every minute or so until translucent and fragrant.

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Add 2 tbsp of butter to the pan. Once it's melted, add the leeks in and sprinkle another pinch of salt. Mix the salt into the onion and leek mixture and cook for 5 minutes (stirring every minute or so) until softened. Add the garlic in and cook for 1-2 minutes until fragrant.

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Pour the arborio rice into the pan and let it toast for 2-3 minutes, while mixing it every minute or so.

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Return to the stock pot with the chicken and white wine mixture. Pour 2-3 ladles of the mixture onto the rice and mix. Let the rice absorb the initial "dose" of liquid for 2-3 minutes. Now, add the rest of the wine/chicken stock mixture to the rice mixture. Stir to make sure the rice is fully incorporated and season with a pinch of salt and 1 tsp of dijon mustard. Mix until the mustard is fully combine. Let the rice simmer and return to the pan every 3-4 minutes to give it a stir. Continue cooking until the rice is al dente and the liquid is evaporated. TIP: If you are preparing any proteins for topping, now would be a good time to multi task and prepare or cook those!

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Once the liquid is absorbed, add 1/2 cup of heavy cream and another pinch of salt to taste. Stir and let the rice absorb the cream (4-5 minutes.)

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Return to the pan and taste the risotto. The texture of the rice should be fully cooked with a firm bite. If the rice isn't cooked enough, wait another 5 minutes and let the rice continue to absorb, Then taste it again. If it's still not cooked enough, add 1/4 cup more of chicken stock or heavy cream and continue the process until it's cooked to your liking. I prefer my risotto to be al dente, which is standard in restaurants as well.

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Add the Parmesan to the risotto and mix to combine. Taste before plating. Adjust if you would like more salt the Parmesan should add plenty of salt and umami vibes, but it's always important to check!) When plating, use the back of your spoon or ladle to spread the risotto until slightly flat. Top with whatever your heart desires! I topped with lemon zest, Parmesan, fresh parsley and put some sour dough toast on the side.
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  • Ilana J

    5 stars
    This is seriously SO good. Made it for my sister and topped it with some pan seared salmon. She hates anything that has an oniony flavor but devoured this… 5/5 stars for sure

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Omg!! Yay!! I’m so happy you and your sister enjoyed the risotto. We absolutely love it and it makes me so happy to know you guys do too. thanks for leaving a review!!! I appreciate you!

      • Jess Renee

        5 stars
        Made this today with the kids I nanny for. The little one (5yo) helped cook and after she ate some, asked if we could make it everyday! Definitely a hit for all ages!

  • Lauren

    5 stars
    I made this today and it’s so good! I’ve made a bunch of your recipes, but this is definitely one of my favorites! Thank you for all of the cooking inspiration!

  • Sabrina

    5 stars
    I think this is my new favorite dish! I had leftovers for the next few nights and I have never been more excited for leftovers. If you’re eating it with a protein, it is super filling. It’s says 4 servings, but I got way more 🙂

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Yay!! I am so happy to hear that!! Thanks for leaving a review 🙂

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