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Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl

We were just in Japan and ate allll the delicious foods, which I can’t wait to share with you. One of our favorite practices that we discovered is the bento box culture. When riding on the train for long periods of time, it’s pretty normal to grab a bento box at a stand in the train station and enjoy it while you’re on there. There are tons of options, but Sebastian and I got hooked on a tonktasu bento box. (Tonkatsu is pork, by the way.) The tonkatsu was served with rice that was topped with black sesame seeds and a pickled plum, and there was spicy mustard on the side along with Japanese BBQ sauce drizzled on top. It was so simple and perfect. And honestly, I craved it the minute we go home! So, that’s why I wanted to make this.

chicken katsu rice bowl

Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl

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