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Caesar Salad with Parmesan Potato Croutons

I saw these Parmesan potatoes when viral back in 2022 and they’ve been on my mind for quiiite some time. I don’t like jumping on viral food trends because honest to god, I feel like I’m copying other people if I jump on board (which I never want to do!) so I let it go. But then, I was sitting in our hotel in Osaka when we went to Japan and we ordered room service. We deviated from the usual Japanese food and I got a Caesar salad with French fries (elite combo) because I was craving some good classic American food. This got my wheels turning…wait a sec…. crispy potatoes…parmesan….crispy romaine?! Yes. This is it. This is the one. And then I arrived in the USA and decided to go for it. Huge fan of this recipe and I hope you guys are too!

Just like croutons and French fries, these potatoes can get soggy if they sit in a liquid for a long time. So my recommendation is to keep the potatoes and salad separate until it’s time to eat.

Also, can we have a moment to just celebrate that this is gluten-free friendly?!?!

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