Celery Tzatziki

If you follow me on social media, you know that I recently got a juicer and I’ve been loving it. However, what I don’t love about juicing are the excess amounts of pulp we have laying around. I will never ever waste food unless it’s a health hazard (i.e: chicken that’s gone bad) so I’ve had to come up with creative ways to use all of the pulp that’s piling up after making my morning juice. If you’re interested, there’s more info on my juicer and a juicing FAQ in the video below, by the way!

My morning juice consists of mint, celery, cucumber and a leafy green. I also sometimes throw in lime and ginger. The celery and cucumber make up the bulk of the juice recipe, so I always have a ton of pulp leftover. I put the ginger and lime pulp into the freezer and save it for homemade teas or smoothies. However, I end up making this delicious tzatziki with the celery, mint and cucumber pulp! Typical tzatziki incorporates cucumber and yogurt, but with this recipe, I’m also adding some celery for some extra refreshing vegetal flavor. You can also include kale, spinach or any leafy green pulp in here (but you don’t want to overdo it or the yogurt could turn dark green.) I know not everyone has mint, so consider the mint optional. It tastes great if you add it, but you want to use it sparingly because mint is very powerful.

This recipe is so good that I recommend for anyone whether they need to use juicer pulp, or they just want a new tzatziki recipe to try out! I serve it with carrots, on toast, with chicken, shrimp, fish, etc. This is truly one of the most versatile dips out there.

Also, store it for up to 3 days in an air-tight container.

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Adjust Servings
1 1/2cups full fat greek yogurt or labneh
1/3cup minced celery, liquid drained and reserved for drinking or other usage
1/3cup minced cucumber, liquid drained and reserved for drinking or other usage
3cloves garlic
1tbsp finely chopped dill
2tbsp olive oil
2tsp lemon juice
Crushed pistachios