Sour Cream and Onion Seasoning (+ It’s Vegan!)

60 minutes

serves 0

I put the word “vegan” at the end of this title because I don’t want you to associate this seasoning with the *idea* that vegan foods don’t taste good. I’m here to break the news that vegan foods can still taste delicious!!! (Especially their desserts…mmmm.) And of course, this sour cream and onion seasoning really doesn’t taste vegan.

So what is a sour cream and onion seasoning? Well, you know those chips that are covered in delicious sour cream and onion flavor dust? This is essentially a vegan version of that. Instead of using buttermilk or cheddar powder as a base, we are going with some good old nutritional yeast, which actually has a natural cheesy, nutty taste. I put a quick demo on how to make this seasoning on IGTV (linked below for your viewing pleasure!) but I wanted to post the full recipe so you can make this seasoning and store it in your pantry to have on hand.

And by the way: this isn’t just for french fries or homemade potatoes. You can also toss vegetables in it (cue my sour cream and onion chickpeas, which you can find here.) I also love it on mushrooms, popcorn, broccoli and green beans. Add it into the pan at the tail end of sautéing your veggies, so that it slightly crisps and sticks to the oil on the vegetables. Delicious! And, if you’re not actually vegan, feel free to always add a dollop of sour cream to whatever you’re serving this on. Plus fresh herbs. Always add fresh herbs.

vegan sour cream and onion seasoning with fries
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Adjust Servings
2tsp nutritional yeast
1tbsp onion powder
2tsp garlic powder
1/3tsp salt
2tsp dried chives
1tsp minced dried onion