PB&J Almond Flour Muffins

You wanted gluten-free recipes for January, and I’m here to deliver gluten-free recipes!  I wanted to make a delicious (and wholesome) baked good with almond flour, and this recipe came to me while I was developing  some post-workout cravings. I wanted something filling, sweet and salty. These muffins are all of those things, but most importantly, they are easy to whip together and make for a GREAT snack. You don’t need to keep stocking up on your fave protein bars if you can just keep these in your fridge/freezer all week.

peanut butter and jelly almond flour muffins

Think about it: these are like a classic PB&J sandwich, but instead of being served on bread…. it’s served inside of, well, ground up almonds!!!

What if I don’t want to use jam? Trying to lower my sugar intake! 

I’m a jam girl. I loooove my jam and preserves, BUT you can always go healthier with this. You can opt for a low sugar or sugar-free all natural jam. Or, you can even pop whole berries inside these muffins before baking to get that same fruitiness with the almond butter. See the notes at the bottom of the recipe for the full instructions!

peanut butter and jelly almond flour muffins

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Adjust Servings
Dry Ingredients
2 1/2cups blanched almond flour
1tbsp baking powder
1/4tsp baking soda
1/4 + 1/8tsp kosher salt
Wet Ingredients
3 large eggs
1/3cup whole milk Greek yogurt
3tbsp almond milk
1/4cup honey
1tsp vanilla extract
Almond butter
Preserves or jam of your choice



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

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In a large mixing bowl, thoroughly mix together the dry ingredients until combined.

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In another mixing bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients until combined (should look like scrambled eggs.)

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Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and fold together with a spatula.

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With an ice cream scooper (or a tablespoon measuring spoon) scoop the batter into a prepared muffin pan, or into muffin liners.

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With a spoon, slightly flatten the center of each muffin scoop, creating a small well. Repeat with all of the muffins.

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Scoop about 1/2-1 tsp of almond butter into each well. Make sure it's not overflowing!

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Bake the muffins for 12 minutes.

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Instructions for using whole berries instead of jam or preserves:

Skip the jam step and instead, put a whole blackberry, whole raspberry, or a few blueberries in the center of the raw batter, on top of the almond butter. Bake uninterrupted for the 20 minutes.

I prefer these with blackberries since they maintain their structure when they are baked, and perfectly fit in the center of the muffin. 


  • Jessica

    These were so easy to make and delicious! They’re not too sweet and with the jam it helps add the perfect amount of sweetness. Love this recipe

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Yay! I’m so happy you love these as much as I do!!!

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Woohoo!! So happy you love them! Thank you for leaving this review!!!

  • Dena Sokoll

    These turned out great! So easy and lots of flavor. And not dry!

    • Skyler Bouchard

      I’m so happy you love them! Thank you for leaving such a kind review. I’m currently eating one for breakfast LOL

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Yay!! Thank you for making my recipe and leaving this review. I appreciate it, Dena!

  • Sara

    I’ve made these multiple times now. I love them. They’re super easy and contain ingredients I always have on hand. I use sugar free jam and they come out great!

    • Skyler Bouchard

      I am so happy to hear this! Thank you for leaving a review and I am glad they have become a staple for you too!! 🙂

  • Jackie

    I’m super impressed by how delicious & moist these muffins are! Every time I use almond flour for a recipe it comes out good, but a little dry & grainy. These muffins didn’t turn out grainy or dry at all and are the perfect accompaniment to some coffee . Not to mention they’re crazy easy to make! We stan an easy muffin recipe! My husband loves these and always requests them when he’s having a rough day because they always cheer him up. 100% recommend!

    • Skyler Bouchard

      I’m so happy you love this recipe!!! I feel like it’s not appreciated as much as it should be but isn’t it a star?!?! Thank you for leaving this review! It makes me so glad to hear you love them 🙂

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