Sweet Corn + Blueberry Ice Cream (No-Churn or Ice Cream Maker Required!)

60 minutes

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I know a lot of us don’t even look at the dessert menus when we dine at restaurants, but for me, taking a glimpse of the dessert menu is a must. Of course I love to eat something sweet when I’m done my meal, but the real reason I scope out the dessert menu is because they can have some surprising, unique and delicious creations that I’ve never heard of before. Simply put: dessert menus inspire me and get my sweet imagination going. They help me learn about what unconventional textures, flavors and ingredients can be used for sweets. Now, looking is one thing… but, if I order dessert at a restaurant, it’s because I see a dish that’s so creative and so unique that I genuinely can’t understand or imagine the flavor without trying it. I will never order a brownie sundae or vanilla ice cream scoops when I dine out, but I will order the funky stuff like a balsamic strawberry cobbler or a corn husk meringue and mousse. To this day, one of the most eye-opening dessert experiences I have had was at a restaurant called Cosme in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. They served that last dish I just described: corn husk meringue and corn mousse. When I tried it, I was wowwed by the power that corn can have in a dessert. Speaking of corn, corn flakes are also fantastic in desserts. Have you seen that Momofuku Milkbar cereal ice cream floating around your Instagram? Well, that also harnesses the power of corn (well, corn flakes in this case) to provide a buttery richness and a nostalgic cereal taste to a classic soft serve.

Needless to say, I love corn in my dessert. I also am an ice cream fanatic. Yet, I still can’t find sweet corn or cereal milk ice cream in the frozen section at my grocery store! So, I figured I would try to make my own. But there’s a catch: I don’t have an ice cream maker. And to be honest, you probably don’t either. That’s why this is a no-churn, no ice cream maker required kind of recipe.

no churn sweet corn ice cream with blueberry compote swirls

I added blueberry compote to my corn ice cream because I also love blueberries. Put corn and blueberries together and it’s absolute flavor insanity (in my opinion.) If you aren’t a blueberry person, just skip the bloobs in this recipe. You will still love it.

As always, I recommend you watch my recipe tutorial before you get started, because visuals are always the best aid in my opinion! While you’re at it, feel free to *~subscribe to my channel.~* Ok let’s begin!

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Sweet Corn Ice Cream
34-inch pieces frozen sweet corn on the cob
2cups heavy cream
4oz. cream cheese
14oz. sweetened condensed milk
Blueberry Compote
1 1/2cup frozen blueberries
2tbsp honey
2tbsp water
2tsp lemon juice