Squid Ink Linguine in a Garlic White Wine Tomato Sauce

60 minutes

serves 2

If there’s something I’m an expert at by now, it’s date night in. Sometimes there’s nothing better than putting your heart and soul into a delicious homemade meal, then eating with your significant other in your sweatpants and wearing no makeup. You can quickly succumb to a food coma together and then early to bed (any and all sexual activity must come before dinner or while you’re prepping…. otherwise, it ain’t happenin’, let’s be real.) Now, this squid ink linguine dish is the epitome of simple, romantic dinner. BUT, I also love this dish because it’s great for gals night, dinner with friends or truly any occasion. Squid ink linguine just screams “I tried really hard to make this!” and it’s bound to impress your guests no matter what. Serve it in this beautiful garlic white wine tomato sauce with some juicy shrimp and fresh parsley, and it will always be a success. Unless your date or guests are allergic to shellfish. Always check that first.

Skyler Bouchard with Squid Ink Linguine

I got this pasta on Amazon, but you can find squid ink linguine at certain grocery stores (maybe even Whole Foods?) or Eataly. The serving size in this recipe is for 2, so if you are planning to make this for a big group, do the math!

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Adjust Servings
1lb. shrimp
1lb. or pack squid or cuttlefish ink linguine
1/4cup olive oil
10cloves garlic
2tbsp fresh parsley
1/2 white onion
1cup clam juice
Juice of 1 lemon
1cup white wine
6 oz. tomato paste
1/2tsp balsamic vinegar
1pint cherry tomatoes