Kale + Broccoli Stem Frittata with Dill and Sour Cream

60 minutes

serves 2

You know I love my broccoli stems. Well, I also love my kale stems…and my dill stems… and honestly, any and all stems that are edible. You can catch me eating all sorts of stems: in sauces, pestos, hummus and of course, in a frittata. This beautiful frittata is what has gathered us here today, so let’s take a moment to discuss frittatas.

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Frittatas are my “rescue breakfast.” What I mean by this is that they are the perfect way to utilize any and all leftovers. Savory produce about to go bad? Throw it in a frittata. Leftover meat? Throw it in a frittata. Hell, I’ve seen leftover pasta thrown into a frittata! Tell me that you don’t think cacio e pepe or carbonara would taste great covered in fluffy eggs…..

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Adjust Servings
5 large eggs
1/4cup full fat sour cream
3/4tsp fine kosher salt
2tbsp fresh dill leaves
Olive oil for pan
1 broccoli stem
3 kale stems
1/4cup kale leaves
2tbsp sour cream