Fully Loaded Everything Bagel Balls

Sometimes all we need is to watch Netflix (or the game or whatever) with a plate of scallion and cheddar cream cheese stuffed bagel balls. Aaannd this is the recipe for those balls. I’m really supposed to write longer blog posts for SEO purposes (ugh, Google) but I’m keeping it super short today because these balls speak for themselves! The most important points here are that 1) they are f*cking delicious and 2)  these take 20 minutes to make! (total time!!!) You can use your oven and bake them on a sheet pan or you can use an air fryer to cut a few minutes off the cook time. Regardless, you will love these.

fully loaded cheesy everything bagel balls

Here’s a video to make your life as easy as possible!

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Adjust Servings
1pack crescent roll dough (with 8 triangles)
1/3cup Everything seasoning (plus more if needed)
1 raw egg (whisked for egg wash)
1/2cup shredded cheddar cheese
Cream Cheese Filling
1/2cup finely chopped scallions (or to taste)
8oz. cream cheese not whipped cream cheese
1cup shredded cheddar cheese



In a mixing bowl, combine the cream cheese filling ingredients until fully incorporated.

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Line a sheet pan or cutting board with parchment paper. With washed hands (duh but had to say it) roll the cream cheese filling into 8 equal sized balls and place onto the parchment paper. Set aside.

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Pour the everything seasoning onto a large plate or shallow bowl and set aside.

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Lay one of the crescent roll dough triangles flat on a clean work surface. Sprinkle cheddar cheese on top, stopping before you get to the skinny end of the triangle. Lightly press the cheese into the dough, then take the long skinny end of the triangle and fold it up towards the straight edge of the triangle. Once the far point of the skinny triangle is touching the straight edge, press the folded dough into the layer of cheese and press down to stick to the cheese and underlying layer of dough. You now should have a square-like shape of dough with cheese in the center. Place a cream cheese filling ball into the center and then wrap the edges of the dough around the cream cheese filling, fully incasing it. Cinch the edges of the dough to make sure there are no openings or holes. Then, roll the dough ball into the everything seasoning until fully coated. Place on a sheet pan. Repeat with all of the balls.

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Dip the bottom side of each ball into egg wash. Using a pastry brush, coat all sides and the top of the balls in egg wash.

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Bake according to package instructions or air fry for 9-10 minutes at 375 degrees, or until golden brown! Enjoy!

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  • Allison Strasenburgh

    5 stars
    You have got to get rid of the elevator music—- it is atrocious and horrible. You’re amazing and the elevator music from the 1980s just drains your energetic show._x000D_
    Otherwise, the recipe is fantastic. Simple, straightforward and delicious. Thanks Skylar!

  • Fiona Harrison

    5 stars
    These are so much fun, economical and easy! Thanks for giving us these bomb recipes

  • Paige C

    5 stars
    Made these over the weekend and not only is the recipe extremely easy, these are AMAZING!

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Yay!!! so happy you love them! Thank you for leaving a review, Paige!

      • Annie

        Easy to make and turned out delicious! I used smoked cheddar for the filling, but you could really use any cheese. Thanks for the yummy recipe!

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Thank YOU for leaving this review!!!

  • Malorie

    5 stars
    These are SO good! So easy and quick to make; i may try it with some other dough in the future because the crescent roll dough is on the sweet side, but still amazing!!

  • Ashley Christian

    5 stars
    this recipe was awesome!! my boyfriend said they were the most delicious thing he has ever eaten. I might try sweet version with cinnamon sugar on the outside and cream cheese and raisins on the inside. chefs kiss! Thank you!

  • Sammy

    5 stars
    I’m making these for Super Bowl Sunday, I cannot wait!! I will post a review again after I have made them but I just felt the need to let everyone know how excited I am! Also, I love your elevator video music.

  • Natalia

    5 stars
    Hii!! Been an avid follower for 3+ years and just made this for my roommates at college as a fun snack to cheer up their week :)) they (and I) absolutely LOVED these. Just wanted to say thank you <3

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Aw thank you so much Natalia!! I appreciate you leaving a review and im so glad you love them!!!

  • Jasmine Laraichi

    5 stars
    Exceeded expectations! I was skeptical to use crescent dough but it worked surprisingly well. I also skipped the egg wash and sprayed them with Pam before popping them into the air fryer and they were absolutely perfect. I’m definitely going to make these again and play around with cream cheese flavors!

  • Tina

    5 stars
    We made these with kite hill cream cheese and Violife cheddar and they were delicious so you can definitely make these dairy-free if you have an allergy!

  • Denise

    5 stars
    Is it okay to make these ahead of time with everything but the egg wash, and cooking after that?

    • Skyler Bouchard

      Yes! you should be fine! you can freeze them like that and egg wash/top with seasoning when they are thawed. bake right away after that

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