Strawberry Shortcake Explosion Cake

60 minutes

serves 0

My 26th birthday was wild. I kicked off the day by making this insane cake, but little did I know, Sebastian would propose to me later that day, and this would also be a cake to represent our engagement!

I’ve got a summer birthday, and two of my biggest summer cravings are strawberries and ice cream. You give me one of those Good Humor strawberry shortcake pops and I am in heaven. I also love boxed cake… there’s something about all the chemicals (lol) that make this cake just taste so much better. Don’t @ me!!! From my experience, if you’re craving boxed cake, nothing else will satisfy that craving.

So, here’s my strawberry shortcake explosion cake. I initially wanted three layers, but one of them crumbled…so I decided to turn them into cake balls for the decor. I ended up layering white vanilla cake with another layer of strawberry cake (which I made by mixing white cake batter with strawberry jam.) In between, there’s a strawberry jam layer, with the Rice Krispies strawberry cereal sprinkled on top for the extra crunch factor, and to break up the stickiness. Frost all of this with a vanilla/strawberry frosting ombre combination…top with strawberry pocky and Pop-Tart pieces, cake truffles, and more cereal of course. Tada! You have an explosion.

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Adjust Servings
3boxes white cake mix
2jars store bought vanilla frosting
1jar store bought strawberry frosting

crispy strawberry cereal

1jar strawberry jam
1box strawberry milkshake Pop-Tarts
1box strawberry pocky sticks
Pink and white sprinkles