Dining with Skyler

These Face Pads Prevent Aging While You Sleep

I’m a rare breed. I’m obsessed with anti-aging products and keeping my face firm, however I don’t plan on getting botox and I don’t want to get botox or any kind of injectable fillers at any point in my life. This unique stance on anti-aging leads me to find many creative new skin regimens to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 

Something I hadn’t tried until a few months ago was sleeping with stickers on my face. These “stickers” are actually SiO Beauty patches: medical-grade silicone patches that help firm your skin and hold it in place while you sleep, while supposedly promoting collagen production. Crazy as it sounds, this has been the most effective remedy I’ve tried thus far. 

I may go to bed looking like the murderer from Halloween, but I wake up looking like I just got home from my Botox appointment. 

Another great thing about these? You can reuse them up to 15 times and clean them as you wish. I think these are a great investment.

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